2022 TBD

New Light Bible Fellowship Church Servant Leaders & Prayer Team

Prayer Breakfast Seminar 2022


The Prayer Ministry Team is a group of dedicated individuals in the church who are devoted to promoting the importance of prayer in our church. We have made it our mission to reach out to the congregation and surrounding community through the act of prayer.


Prayer is the foundation of our relationship with Christ. It is how we communicate with Him and strengthen our reliance on Him. Just because members attend church, it doesn’t mean they spend time in prayer. We want to promote the importance of personal and corporate prayer in our church and in the lives of its members. 


How can I become a part of this ministry? Contact any member of our Prayer Ministry Team or the church office to let us know how you would like to get involved. If you feel comfortable praying with others, you can be an individual who comes forward during the services or help lead prayer during the prayer circle on Sunday.